Friday, 27 April 2018

Building A Truly Digital Council Using Data And Digital Technology To Enhance Local Services

Part Of Our Local Conservatives’ Commitment to Harnessing New Technologies For Our Residents

A truly digital Council has the potential to transform local services which is why Richmond Borough Conservative will prioritise these exciting technologies as part of its ambitious plans for Richmond. This does not mean leaving people behind as we will ensure that all residents are able to access and communicate with the Council but it means utilising new technology where it enhances services.

Digital technology offers the ability for more mobile working allowing, for example, social workers to spend more time with patients, voice technology where the elderly or disabled can call out for help rather than having to get to a physical cord, council buildings being repurposed where data centres can be converted to cloud technology, or mobile applications to provide help and assistance. In addition, better understanding and use of data can drive down the cost of public services and allow better analysis of how and where to spend money efficiently.

Gareth Elliott, Whitton Ward Councillor and Cabinet Member for Digital and Technology, said:

"Digital technology offers exciting opportunities to transform council services, better understand and prioritise spending and investment, and the opportunity to make collaborating and engaging with the council easier and more entwined with residents expectations in a modern world.

“Only the Conservatives have prioritised this key area. It is our belief that to ensure a council that is fit for the future and understands and engages with its residents we need to be at the forefront of the digital revolution building a truly digital Richmond."

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Local Conservatives Will Continue to Support Our Borough’s High Streets, Including With 30 Minutes Free Parking

High Streets are the heart of our communities and supporting small independent retailers is a priority for the Council.   Eighteen Village centres benefit from the Town Centre Opportunities and Christmas Lights funds, but by far the most important initiative for retailers was the introduction of the Richmond Card with 30 minutes free parking for residents. The Richmond Card also provides an opportunity for independent businesses to promote offers on the Council website and a special Richmond Card is available for employees and visitors to access these discounts. 

Cllr Pamela Fleming Cabinet Member for Environment, Business & Community said, "Small shops and high streets were penalised by the Lib Dems costly and complicated emission based parking charges.

“One of our first priorities when we took over the administration in 2010 was to look at how we could help small shops compete with free supermarket parking, and the 30 minutes free parking and discounted parking for residents has helped them to get back some of that business.

“Growing on-line shopping, decisions by major retailers to reduce their presence on the high street along with high rents and business rates present a major challenge to the retail sector.  We are already working with a number of small businesses to help them meet the digital challenge, and if re-elected we plan to extend this programme.

“We have already carried out major improvements to a number of high streets. We will be looking at what more we can do to make all our shopping areas more welcoming for everyone, including older people and those with disabilities."

Friday, 13 April 2018

Next Conservative Council will continue the successful Tenants Champion

Housing Association tenants will continue to be able to turn to the Tenants Champion to assist them in dealing with unresolved problems arising from their tenancy.

The Tenants Champion ensures that the tenant is represented when dealing with the Housing association that owns and manages their home.

Cllr Jane Boulton, the Borough’s Tenants Champion, states:

 “This service is much valued by tenants and Housing Associations as numerous issues have been resolved and tenants can be assured that their cases have been fairly considered and, hopefully, resolved. I am pleased that local Conservatives have pledged to continue this unique and much-valued service that we introduced only a few years ago.”