Saturday, 18 September 2010

RFU Match Day/Concert Committee - Post your concerns

On Thursday I attended the my first RFU Concert and Match Day Committee. This is an excellent forum by which Community Representatives and Council officials can liaise with the RFU to discuss how the RFU's concerts and rugby matches will impact upon the local community. More importantly it is also the forum by which local people, through their representatives, can air any greivances.

I have been nominated to attend as the community representative for Whitton. I would therefore welcome any comments from residents who would like to raise any issues they have regarding the rugby events or concerts with the RFU.

The Committee meets quarterly and the next meeting will be in December.

I would also like to highlight the helpline number which is operational on match day and concert days:

Twickenham Stadium Concert and Match Day Line - Telephone 07764 569 402

Whitton's Green Spaces Need Protection

Whitton is a town that is designated as 'an area poorly provided with public open space'. Apart from Murray Park and the grounds at Kneller Hall Whitton does lack in open spaces. It is for this reason that Roger Hackett (Conservative PCC) and I spent a day going around the ward seeking out areas which could potentially be protected under the Council's DPD or Development Plan Document which is currently being finalised.

I have put forward 10 potential sites but if residents have other suggestions please email them into me at

Here are some of the suggestions i put forward;

  • Green triangle of land outside Regan's fish shop where Nelson Road meets Warren Road;
  • Shrubbery where Cypress Avenue meets Bridge Way near the top of the high street
  • Green land in front of Kneller Hall on Kneller Road as it meets Warren Road and continues in front of the Grade II listed building past the Duke of Cambridge
  • Chase Garden adjacent to the A316 after Godfrey Avenue

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cllr Gareth Elliott speaks out for Whitton and the 110 bus route diversion

Yesterday I gave my first maiden speech at Council and took the opportunity to use the occasion to speak out for Whitton Town and to raise a question to the Cabinet Member for Transport about the potential diversion of the 110 bus route through Whitton High Street.

Highlighting a perceived ‘Great Divide’ that has been created between Whitton and other towns of the London Borough of Richmond I called on the new Conservative administration, with my assistance, to work tireless to ensure that our town is seated at the top table. Whitton is not simply a periphery town located on the border but is in fact an important centre with the borough’s fourth largest shopping centre.  It is also the second gateway town to the world-famous Twickenham rugby ground and includes cultural sites such as Kneller Hall, the Royal School of Military Music.

Speaking about the 110 bus route i put the following question to the Cabinet Member for Transport:

“Will the Cabinet Member for Transport be acknowledging the petition [conducted by local resident Ann Goff] and will she be seeking to open up negotiations with the bus operators and TfL to scope out the possibility for linking Heathfield with Whitton’s Town Centre and railway station? I understand that budgets are under pressure but I would be keen that a solution could be found and if possible phased in over time?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cllr Gareth Elliott will be rowing in the Great River Race - in aid of MIND

I have signed up to row the great river race from London Docklands to Ham, Richmond in what can only be described as a large bath tub called the Delores. I and my fellow mariners shall be doing this in aid of the charity MIND - the country's leading mental health charity.

Mind campaigns vigorously to create a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all - a society where people with experience of mental distress are treated fairly, positively and with respect. They do this through community support, telephone information lines, lobbying, publications, legal advice and training. It's a fantastic cause.

I am now in training although with four weeks to go i think i am leaving it late so thank you to all those who have offered to assist me in this endeavour so far. So if you do see me struggling through the streets of Whitton feel free to offer some encouragement.

If you would like to support our endeavour and help those experiencing mental distress we would welcome your donations – please follow this link:

We shall be setting out on our voyage on 25th September so if you would like to wave us by we shall be the boat at the back of the pack going very slowly (if still afloat).

Gareth and my fellow
team, Chris, George, Ken, Nick & Russell.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Richmond Furniture Recycle Scheme

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to visit the Richmond Furniture Recycle Scheme which provides a resource for people to recycle old furniture. The project also supplies furniture at low cost to people who could not otherwise afford it.

The staff are extremely friendly and happy to help. They are currently looking urgently for donations so if you are looking to update your furniture please think of the furniture scheme.

The address is 1a Fortescue Avenue, Twickenham, TW2 5LS. They can also be found at:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lidl - Old Co-Op Site: UPDATE

Having spoken with Lidl i would like to provide you all with an update.

Following on from the news that Lidl have purchased the old Co-Op site including the flats above the company have now met with the Council as part of the pre-application procedure prior to submitting a full application. The supermarket have informed me that these discussions went well and that they hope to be submitting their application over the next month. This works within their schedules and their intention to open the new store next year.

I will come back with more details as they become available.

Jolly's Restaurant - new planning application

Following on from the news that the retrospective planning application for a bar extension behind Jolly's Restaurant had been refused and upheld by the Planning inspectorate it would appear that a new application has been lodged.

During the election i was contacted by residents who were concerned about the wooden construction. I would urge all those that did so before and others who would like to have a say about this application to log their views with the council. The website address for this planning application is as follows:

The case code is 10/2292/FUL

Capital funding for Twickenham (Whitton) Academy confirmed - opening September

Cllr Gareth Elliott and Roger Hacket, PPC
With the news that central Government has confirmed capital funding for the rebuild and refurbishment of the school’s existing facilities it means that Twickenham (Whitton) Academy can now open this September as planned. This is great news and means that a lot of the concern i have heard already from parents about the uncertainty of the School’s position can now be lifted. I look forward to speaking with parents and pupils over the coming year as to their experiences at the new school.

Strategic Cabinet Member for Education, Youth and Culture on Richmond Council, Cllr Christine Percival, said:

“We welcome this decision by the Government. As an administration we are committed to improving the standard of secondary education in the borough - redeveloping school facilities will contribute to this.

“We want local people to be involved in influencing the future of the borough’s academies and we will look for opportunities to do this as the design and building work progresses. It is important that families whose children will be taught in the academies, and the local communities in which they are located, will have input into shaping them.

“I would like to reiterate that the capital development for these two sites is a fixed sum and no additional money will be made available. Money is tight at the moment and we will do everything in our power to ensure these projects are delivered on time and to budget.”

Welcome to my new blog

Hi All

Welcome to my new blog. Unfortunately there was some issues with my previous website so i have updated and moved over to this one. I intend to use this site to update you on my activities as Councillor and to comment on news and issues that happen in Whitton and beyond.

Please note that if you have any personal comments or issues that you woudl like to discuss with me i would ask that you email me privately on my Council email address.

I shall be trying to upload some of my older blogs to over the coming days so if some do appear a little off date at start please bear with me.

Best Regards

Cllr Gareth Elliott