Sunday, 5 September 2010

Capital funding for Twickenham (Whitton) Academy confirmed - opening September

Cllr Gareth Elliott and Roger Hacket, PPC
With the news that central Government has confirmed capital funding for the rebuild and refurbishment of the school’s existing facilities it means that Twickenham (Whitton) Academy can now open this September as planned. This is great news and means that a lot of the concern i have heard already from parents about the uncertainty of the School’s position can now be lifted. I look forward to speaking with parents and pupils over the coming year as to their experiences at the new school.

Strategic Cabinet Member for Education, Youth and Culture on Richmond Council, Cllr Christine Percival, said:

“We welcome this decision by the Government. As an administration we are committed to improving the standard of secondary education in the borough - redeveloping school facilities will contribute to this.

“We want local people to be involved in influencing the future of the borough’s academies and we will look for opportunities to do this as the design and building work progresses. It is important that families whose children will be taught in the academies, and the local communities in which they are located, will have input into shaping them.

“I would like to reiterate that the capital development for these two sites is a fixed sum and no additional money will be made available. Money is tight at the moment and we will do everything in our power to ensure these projects are delivered on time and to budget.”

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