Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cllr Gareth Elliott speaks out for Whitton and the 110 bus route diversion

Yesterday I gave my first maiden speech at Council and took the opportunity to use the occasion to speak out for Whitton Town and to raise a question to the Cabinet Member for Transport about the potential diversion of the 110 bus route through Whitton High Street.

Highlighting a perceived ‘Great Divide’ that has been created between Whitton and other towns of the London Borough of Richmond I called on the new Conservative administration, with my assistance, to work tireless to ensure that our town is seated at the top table. Whitton is not simply a periphery town located on the border but is in fact an important centre with the borough’s fourth largest shopping centre.  It is also the second gateway town to the world-famous Twickenham rugby ground and includes cultural sites such as Kneller Hall, the Royal School of Military Music.

Speaking about the 110 bus route i put the following question to the Cabinet Member for Transport:

“Will the Cabinet Member for Transport be acknowledging the petition [conducted by local resident Ann Goff] and will she be seeking to open up negotiations with the bus operators and TfL to scope out the possibility for linking Heathfield with Whitton’s Town Centre and railway station? I understand that budgets are under pressure but I would be keen that a solution could be found and if possible phased in over time?

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