Saturday, 18 September 2010

RFU Match Day/Concert Committee - Post your concerns

On Thursday I attended the my first RFU Concert and Match Day Committee. This is an excellent forum by which Community Representatives and Council officials can liaise with the RFU to discuss how the RFU's concerts and rugby matches will impact upon the local community. More importantly it is also the forum by which local people, through their representatives, can air any greivances.

I have been nominated to attend as the community representative for Whitton. I would therefore welcome any comments from residents who would like to raise any issues they have regarding the rugby events or concerts with the RFU.

The Committee meets quarterly and the next meeting will be in December.

I would also like to highlight the helpline number which is operational on match day and concert days:

Twickenham Stadium Concert and Match Day Line - Telephone 07764 569 402

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