Saturday, 18 September 2010

Whitton's Green Spaces Need Protection

Whitton is a town that is designated as 'an area poorly provided with public open space'. Apart from Murray Park and the grounds at Kneller Hall Whitton does lack in open spaces. It is for this reason that Roger Hackett (Conservative PCC) and I spent a day going around the ward seeking out areas which could potentially be protected under the Council's DPD or Development Plan Document which is currently being finalised.

I have put forward 10 potential sites but if residents have other suggestions please email them into me at

Here are some of the suggestions i put forward;

  • Green triangle of land outside Regan's fish shop where Nelson Road meets Warren Road;
  • Shrubbery where Cypress Avenue meets Bridge Way near the top of the high street
  • Green land in front of Kneller Hall on Kneller Road as it meets Warren Road and continues in front of the Grade II listed building past the Duke of Cambridge
  • Chase Garden adjacent to the A316 after Godfrey Avenue

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