Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lidl consultation - plans revealed to the public

Today I attended Lidl’s public consultation on its proposed new store in Whitton High Street. The Lidl team were on hand to outline the new store, its look and feel and how it would operate. The plans were very impressive and the staff very informative and friendly. The new store will also be the first Lidl in the London Borough of Richmond and it came across to me that this was a source of pride to the team.

Once again the response from the people of Whitton was extraordinary which highlights the power of consultation and civic pride within our town.

I will contact the team to see if I can post an artists impression up on this site - check back soon.

Recycling extended to include plastic containers and drinks cartons

For many, and that includes me, it has been a source of frustration and waste. Drinks cartons and margarine pots which state that they are recyclable on the packet are continuously left behind by the Council’s recycling trucks. Well this is set to end as the Conservative administration extends recycling to plastic containers and drinks cartons.

The move will save more than 1,000 tonnes of extra waste and lead to a two per cent rise in the borough’s recycling rate. A small but very necessary move in Richmond’s efforts to limit its carbon emissions, and one which I fully endorse. As an avid recycler it is always annoying that these items cannot be recycled and end up in the general rubbish. Now we can fully reduce, re-use and recycle.
Cllr Virginia Morris, Richmond Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: Richmond upon Thames’ residents are already among the best recyclers in London, but in recent years our recycling rate has leveled off at around 43%. This is a good rate, but more can be done.
“Once these proposals to extend what can be recycled are adopted, we should see a step change in how much rubbish can be re-used.  Residents haves asked for many years why they can’t recycle yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and juice cartons and, having listened, we are now acting on their wishes.”

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cllr Gareth Elliott attends Whitton Improvements Consultation

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Council’s drop-in session for the Whitton Improvements consultation where i was able first hand to outline to residents the plans to update the High Street.

What struck me about the consultation was the sheer number of people who took time out of there day to come and see the plans and also to discuss them with me. It has often been said to me that Whitton is more of a village than a town and the pride and enthusiasm that was on show simply reinforced this.

Many people were particularly interested in the gateway improvements and how they might improve the view of the town as people come in from the Admiral Nelson and Station ends. Residents highlighted that these improvements will go a long way to reversing the tired look that has come about due to long term neglect and the oft said view that Whitton is the ‘forgotten town’ of the London Borough of Richmond.

The previous Liberal administration neglected Whitton. These improvements show what can be done when a new and enthusiastic Conservative administration are given the chance. I promised to bring Whitton back to the top table and the plans put forward in this consultation represent a new enthusiasm for this great town.

NOTE: Please see blog post below for details to send in your consultation response.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Whitton High Street Improvements - Online Consultation Link

A quick update to my previous blog. Please find below the online link to the Council's consultation. I would urge all residents to take part in this consultation involving exciting improvements to out town centre.

Whitton High Street Improvements

Friday, 15 October 2010

Whitton Town Centre Improvement Consultation launched today

Today I am happy to announce that the after months of hard work the Council will be launching a consultation on important improvements to our town centre.

Following on from my maiden speech where I spoke of my desire to reverse years of neglect from Richmond Council to our town of Whitton I am delighted to be able to announce that the tides are now turning. Today the Coucil have launched a consultation that will seek the views of Whitton residents, a key pledge of the Conservatives, to significantly improve the street scene of Whitton High Street.

Chief among the proposals are the creation of 'gateways' at both entrances to the High Street, with improved lighting and new tree planting throughout the High Street along with some footway and raised table repairs, especially at the zebra crossing at the bridge to control traffic.

The consultation is now open and residents will start to receive their consultation letters and documents to feedback their comments. Larger plans will be available at Whitton Library throughout the consultation period (15th Oct - 1st Nov) and details will be made availble online (website link to follow). Two drop-in sessions will also be held at the library at which council officers will be available to answer questions on Friday 22nd Oct 9:30am - 12:30pm and Saturday 23rd October 10am - 1pm.

The works are expected to begin early January 2011 and be completed by the Spring 2011.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Sponsorship target breached – over £2,000 raised for MIND

A big thank you to all those who sponsored me and my fellow crew in our epic rowing adventure on the River Thames. I am extremely proud to say that we have raised over £2,000 in sponsorship for MIND.

For those of you who wondered if we would sink or not we managed to complete the race in four hours and twenty minutes and came fourth in our class. Well done to my crewmates.

It's not too late to sponsor -