Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cllr Gareth Elliott attends Whitton Improvements Consultation

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Council’s drop-in session for the Whitton Improvements consultation where i was able first hand to outline to residents the plans to update the High Street.

What struck me about the consultation was the sheer number of people who took time out of there day to come and see the plans and also to discuss them with me. It has often been said to me that Whitton is more of a village than a town and the pride and enthusiasm that was on show simply reinforced this.

Many people were particularly interested in the gateway improvements and how they might improve the view of the town as people come in from the Admiral Nelson and Station ends. Residents highlighted that these improvements will go a long way to reversing the tired look that has come about due to long term neglect and the oft said view that Whitton is the ‘forgotten town’ of the London Borough of Richmond.

The previous Liberal administration neglected Whitton. These improvements show what can be done when a new and enthusiastic Conservative administration are given the chance. I promised to bring Whitton back to the top table and the plans put forward in this consultation represent a new enthusiasm for this great town.

NOTE: Please see blog post below for details to send in your consultation response.

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