Monday, 7 February 2011

Hyundai\Sainsburys Development Update

On Thursday 3rd February the Planning Committee rejected the application to redevelop the Hyundai Garage in the middle of the High Street, which had been earmarked for a Sainsbury’s Local convenience store.

It is a big blow for Whitton that the investment and jobs that this development would have provided for Whitton are now uncertain. It is still important that a long term tenant is found for this site and I will now be working with the WBA, the Council and other stakeholders to consider our Town Centre’s next options.


  1. Thanks for all your efforts. Is there any chance the building design could be modified, perhaps matching up more with the 1930s original. I don't mean set back like the garage, in line with the other shops so the council cannot turn the application down because of the building design.

    Not sure why suddenly our High Street has become important from a design point of view, rather flattering considering the mis match in Hampton Hill where they have 3 supermarkets.

  2. I shall be working with all parties involved to ascertain whether an application can be resubmitted that takes into account the issues put forward by the planning committee. I will feedback when I learn more.

  3. PixieMum

    A new application was submitted and now granted planning permission. I am happy to say the design submitted has been significantly altered and in keeping with the 1930s architecture.

    Cllr Gareth Elliott