Monday, 7 March 2011

Budget Update: Whitton prioritised in forward looking uplift programme

On Tuesday 1st March at the Council’s Budget meeting it was announced that Whitton, along with Hampton North, was to be prioritised in the Borough’s regeneration and uplift schemes. Announced by Cllr Virgina Morris, cabinet member for Environment, the programme represents significant investment in Whitton as part of the long term aim to regenerate the town.
As part of my election push and subsequent pledge as I took office I have made it my priority to ensure that Whitton is heard at Council and its unique needs recognised. I am proud to say that this Conservative Council, in stark contrast to the previous Liberal administration, is now listening and through this investment acting on the calls of Whitton residents.
I will be working with Cllr Morris and Council officials over the coming months to ensure that this investment programme delivers on the needs of Whitton residents. Importantly I will be making sure that the views raised in the All in One survey will feed into the strategy.
Extracts from the Budget announcement - Cllr Morris said:
“What strikes me about Whitton is that it has one of the best high streets in the borough, well defined and with a pub at one end and a station at the other. It has wide footpaths, parking, and an array of shops. It is surrounded by predominately 1930s developments, some of which have large gardens, room to extend the house and off-street parking, and situated close to the station, and to top it off a fast train link into London. Where is this dream place, Whitton, a place that needs investment and promotion as one of our key up and coming family areas.”
 Link to cabinet paper describing the uplift strategy:


  1. This is very good news for Whitton but I do not understand how, if it was agreed on 1st March to give Whitton "Priority", we have already been informed that work is going to start on the High Street on MONDAY (14th) ?

    This letter came about 2 weeks ago.
    Ann Pannett

  2. Thanks Gareth for explaining to me that these "Upgrades" are extra to the work starting on Monday in the High Street. What you have told us about is a much more complex and forthright "Regeneration" of our High Street. You are to be congratulated for your input into this.