Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cllr Elliott joins the festivities at Whitton's St George's Day Parade

With the great weather and the party atmosphere still in the air after the Royal Wedding what could be better than Whitton's St. George's Day Parade.

Royal Wedding Capital – Street Party Extravaganza

The people of Richmond have been out in force celebrating the Royal Wedding and Whitton was no exception. My own street came together to put on a party and all neighbours came out. With bunting, cakes and some light beverages for all, the day went fantastically.
A watchful eye from the local Police.

Cllr Elliott getting in on the fun!

The street party is a great way to meet your neighbours and I can certainly say that in my street we have some fantastic people with amazing stories. I have included a few pictures from the day.           

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lidl UPDATE: Work to start 23rd May

It is with great pleasure that I can confirm planning consent has been formally granted as of 27th April. All legal documents have been signed and Lidl have been formally granted planning permission.

I have spoken to Lidl who have confirmed this and have stated that work will begin on the store on 23rd May. It is expected that the store will open in November.

It is great to know that what has been a blight on Whitton's high street will now be back in operation and serving the people of Whitton.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Congratulations to Cllr Clare Head – Richmond’s New Mayor

It is with great pleasure that I heard the news the Cllr Head is to become Richmond’s 46th Mayor. Since my election she has been a great friend to me and in her position as Cabinet Member for Transport continues to fight to bring the 110 bus to Whitton. I welcome the chance to invite her back to Whitton in her new position.
Cllr Head has been a member of the Council since 2002 and has served on several committees during the last nine years. She is currently the Cabinet Member for Traffic and represents South Twickenham. Outside her Council work, she is the chairman of the Friends of Radnor Gardens and has lived in the borough for 35 years.
The nomination for Cllr Head to be the 46th Mayor was made by Lord True, Leader of the Council, who said: “Clare is one of the most hard working and community minded of all our councillors. She is very well known to many residents in the borough for her attendance at consultations, meetings and events, both as the cabinet member for traffic, and as a ward councillor. Her sunny disposition will serve her well as the Mayor and will I am sure endear her to everyone she meets during the year. “
Cllr Head said: “There are so many friends’ groups and organisations working for the benefit of local people and I look forward to visiting as many as I can during my term. I want the community to be the pivot of my time as Mayor. I also want to spend time in the borough’s schools as I used to be a teacher.
Her chosen charity for the year will be the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is a charity that is particularly close to my heart as I used to be a volunteer there and I know exactly what good work it does. Just by helping people to fill in their benefit forms alone it brings millions of pounds of support to local people. There is literally no civic problem it cannot deal with. I hope the contribution that the Mayor’s Fund can bring through fundraising during the year can help them and in turn local people.”
Cllr Head will be formally invested as the Mayor at the Full Council meeting on 17 May in a special mayor making ceremony.

Bank holiday changes to bin collections

Refuse and recycling collections in Richmond upon Thames will be a day later than normal from Friday 22 April – Saturday 7 May to take in to account the Royal wedding and Easter bank holidays.
The temporary changes will start on Friday 22 April: households due to have a collection that day will have their refuse and recycling removed on Saturday 23 April. During the week of Monday 25 April to Friday 29 April, collections will all be a day later than usual, including the Friday, when collections will be on Saturday 30 April.
Collections will also run a day later the following week, to account for the Easter Monday Bank Holiday on 2 May. Collections due on Friday 6 May will be carried out on Saturday 7 May. Normal service will resume on Monday 9 May. Residents are asked to put recycling or refuse out by 6am on collection day, but not to leave it on the streets the day before, to avoid bags being ripped open and to keep roads clean and tidy.
Waste should be put out in securely tied sacks or in a bin with a lid. Lids stop the bin from becoming waterlogged and people adding litter.
For more information, visit or call 08456 122660

Friday, 15 April 2011

Letter to Richmond & Twickenham Times - High Street Renewal

Dear Sir,

I read with shock and surprise the headline of last week’s newspaper that stated Whitton had been ‘left to ruin’. On the weekend of the news that the Lidl planning application for the old co-op site had been approved by the Council, and the announcement in the Budget that Whitton would benefit as a priority one town in the Uplift programme, it is simply bad reporting. While it is true the improvements programme has been put on hold the true outcome for Whitton is hugely positive.

The delay in the improvement programme has been brought about because of the more comprehensive Uplift programme. It would be irresponsible for this administration not to consider the two programmes in tandem and to coordinate them effectively. This will limit disruption to Whitton residents and ensure Council funds are spent most effectively and to the greatest effect. The delay has also allowed the incorporation of resident’s views from the All-in-One consultation which have overwhelmingly placed the need to regenerate our High Street and shops as the top priority.

What is vital is that what we do going forward is managed in a linked up and strategic manner. I cannot allow Whitton to be treated like a second class town picking up scraps here and there, as has been the policy of the previous administration. We have a chance here to really do something great and through this Uplift strategy and the work of the improvements scheme I am confident that you will see an impressive strategy for growth with tangible milestones so that we can truly enhance our town.
The first chance to outline this new strategy will be displayed at the first All-in-One roadshow on 14th May at Murray Park Hall. I urge you all to come along and to make your voices heard.

Yours faithfully

Cllr Gareth Elliott

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lidl Update – Planning Consent Granted

In what has been a long hard slog I can happily confirm that as of 7th April the Council have granted planning consult at the old co-op site in our High Street pending certain legal agreements.

This is fantastic news and will radically change the view of the High Street by updating and renewing the blight of a derelict shop that had been empty for nearly 30 years. While the previous Liberal administration was happy to let sites such as this fester this Conservative administration has worked tirelessly to ensure that it is brought back into use.

Over the next few days I will be contacting Lidl so that i can update residents on further progress.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cllr Elliott raises local concerns over Police move

At Council on Tuesday 6th April Cllr Gareth Elliott raised, as a ward concern, the worrying news that Whitton and Heathfield’s neighbourhood policing team will have to move out of their current premises without any defined alternative within the town.

This means that they could potentially be without a home in Whitton and may have to be temporarily located to a new premises in Twickenham. The practicalities of this, and the fact they do not have their own transport, means that they will have longer to travel to cover Whitton and Heathfield.

It is my opinion that our local neighbourhood team are doing a fantastic job in Whitton and Heathfield, a view resoundingly echoed by residents on our local community website,  and it is important that we support their hard work. To that end I have asked the Council and the Police Authority to consider alternative locations within the boundaries of Whitton and Heathfield wards. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Packing Bags for Richard House Children’s Hospice

Over the weekend I was catapulted back to my younger days when working in a supermarket packing bags. No this wasn’t a sudden demotion but was in fact a charity event in aid of raising my money for Richard House, London’s first children’s hospice.

Called to assist my brother in law who is running the London Marathon this is one of many events he has put together to raise funds for this great cause. I have been reliably informed that Ryan raised the astonishing amount of £300 over his five hour shift this Saturday. And this was all on his birthday – happy birthday too.
 If you would also like to help him please do donate using the details below:

Good Luck Ryan on the big day and I hope you raise as much as possible for Richard House. 

A big congratulation to St Edmunds – winners of the International Tag Rugby Tournament

A big cheer goes out to St. Edmunds rugby team who managed to retain their title at the International Tag Rugby Tournament – for the third year running. As a governor and former pupil of the school I am doubly proud.

The games began last Friday and St Edmunds were straight out of the blocks with four wins in their group. Moving to the semi-finals on the Saturday the girls and boys met Chase Bridge A team in the semis drawing 4-4 at the final whistle pushing the game to extra time. Maintaining their composure the team fought bravely to take the win. The final was against a Welsh team who were just as keen to get their hands on the trophy. However, as current champions St. Edmunds weren’t going to give in easily and as the day drew to a close and the whistle blew the blue and yellow once again proved victorious.

Well done to St. Edmunds – triple champions.