Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Congratulations to Cllr Clare Head – Richmond’s New Mayor

It is with great pleasure that I heard the news the Cllr Head is to become Richmond’s 46th Mayor. Since my election she has been a great friend to me and in her position as Cabinet Member for Transport continues to fight to bring the 110 bus to Whitton. I welcome the chance to invite her back to Whitton in her new position.
Cllr Head has been a member of the Council since 2002 and has served on several committees during the last nine years. She is currently the Cabinet Member for Traffic and represents South Twickenham. Outside her Council work, she is the chairman of the Friends of Radnor Gardens and has lived in the borough for 35 years.
The nomination for Cllr Head to be the 46th Mayor was made by Lord True, Leader of the Council, who said: “Clare is one of the most hard working and community minded of all our councillors. She is very well known to many residents in the borough for her attendance at consultations, meetings and events, both as the cabinet member for traffic, and as a ward councillor. Her sunny disposition will serve her well as the Mayor and will I am sure endear her to everyone she meets during the year. “
Cllr Head said: “There are so many friends’ groups and organisations working for the benefit of local people and I look forward to visiting as many as I can during my term. I want the community to be the pivot of my time as Mayor. I also want to spend time in the borough’s schools as I used to be a teacher.
Her chosen charity for the year will be the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is a charity that is particularly close to my heart as I used to be a volunteer there and I know exactly what good work it does. Just by helping people to fill in their benefit forms alone it brings millions of pounds of support to local people. There is literally no civic problem it cannot deal with. I hope the contribution that the Mayor’s Fund can bring through fundraising during the year can help them and in turn local people.”
Cllr Head will be formally invested as the Mayor at the Full Council meeting on 17 May in a special mayor making ceremony.

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