Monday, 4 July 2011

Cllr Elliott to highlight lack of disabled access at Whitton Station

At Tuesday’s Council [5th July] Cllr Elliott will be raising the issue of lack of investment and disabled access at Whitton station.

As a regular commuter I am acutely aware of the tired and run down state of Whitton Station. With scant investment from Network Rail and SouthWest Trains the station is a sorry sight for the users of the station and for people arriving at the station. While it is currently being prepared for station lengthening Cllr Elliott urges the Council to work with Network Rail and South West Trains to urgently prioritise funding for the upgrade or refurbishment of the station. While Twickenham station is awaiting plans for a complete rebuild and Hounslow station recently received a £400,000 upgrade it is now time for Whitton station, especially now that Whitton’s town centre is being uplifted as part of the Council’s regeneration strategy.

However, of more pressing concern is the complete lack of disability access at the station. Two local residents have written to me complaining that the station is completely inaccessible to the elderly and disabled with only step access to the platforms. This must be looked at as a matter of urgency and Cllr Elliott will be working with the Council to ensure that Network Rail and SouthWest Trains consider this.


  1. My elderly mother and aunts who live in Whitton have no problems at all travelling to see me in Ashford, Kent, receiving marvellous wheelchair assistance at Waterloo to Waterloo East and at Ashford. The problem only starts for them when they get back to Whitton and have to climb the stairs. My mother is very asthmatic and thinks another climb up those stairs would kill her!

    Yesterday I travelled with my grandson in a pushchair, rang the 'assistance' button when I arrived, to be told that there was no assistance available!

    Fortunately on my departure at the end of the day I asked one of the taxi drivers to help me which he gladly did.

    It's really appalling that Whitton station is in such a run-down condition and it desperately needs a lift.

  2. I totally agree. Whitton Station is in urgent need of an upgrade and it is simply not good enough to hear stories such as yours, especially when the station is such a vital link for Whitton residents.

    I am happy to say that this is an issue agreed on by both parties. The Council and I are working with Network Rail to try to access a funding package entitled 'Access for All' which is specifically designed to provide funds to improve access. We are also talking with the RFU to discuss how they can help considering Whitton will be the second gateway town to the Rugby World Cup in 2015.