Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Your Whitton and Heathfield, Your Say

Nearly 200 people attended the first All in One area planning meeting in Whitton and Heathfield on Saturday 14 May in Murray Park Hall.
For those who were unable to attend the event, there is still an opportunity to have your say at the new online community – ‘My Richmond Villages’ online, a series of forums, polls and blogs – giving you the chance to continue the debate. The new Whitton and Heathfield community was launched on Tuesday 17 May at To be able to have your say users will need to register. There are forums and a blog regarding Whitton and Heathfield.
The area planning event follows on from the All in One survey, sent to every home in the borough last autumn, asking residents about local services and finding out the issues that mattered most, and in particular which ones needed improving.
At the event in Murray Park Hall on Saturday, residents were invited to review the results from Whitton and Heathfield, talk to others who are interested as well as local councillors, officers and representatives of other local organisations, including the Police and local Business Association. Visitors were also able to put forward their ideas and suggestions about what can be done to address any issues together.
Residents were also invited to sign up to the community resource bank and volunteer their time, skills or facilities to help address issues in their local area. Do you want to volunteer or request more information, if so complete this form:
In the All in One survey, 1,135 people responded from Whitton and Heathfield and told us:
77% of you were satisfied with your area as a place to live. You also said:
The things that were most important in making it a good place to live included:
·         Local parks and open spaces – 49%
·         Shopping in your local high street – 47%
·         Level of crime and anti-social behaviour – 40%
·         Public Transport – 28%
·         Library services – 26%
The things you identified that most needed improving in your area, included:
·         Shopping in your local high street – 46%
·         Condition of pavements – 35%
·         Traffic and/or levels of congestion – 23%
·         Condition of roads – 22%
·         Support for local businesses – 22%
To see a copy of the report for Whitton and Heathfield(pdf, 2232KB).
The feedback from the event is now being analysed and will be form the basis for a local area action plan that will be put together with local people.

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