Thursday, 10 November 2011

Beat the crooks: return memorial to glory

A public meeting and discussion has been organised by the borough’s Mayor so Twickenham residents can discuss the future of the Radnor Gardens War Memorial.

The meeting will take place at 8pm on 21 November at Radnor House School. Chaired by the Mayor, Cllr Clare Head, anyone will be able to suggest ideas and comment on the Council’s own suggestions for the memorial.

The memorial was targeted by vandals on October 20 when a large brass plaque depicting a World War One Naval scene was stolen, leaving the memorial bereft for this weekend’s Remembrance Sunday wreath laying.

Cllr Head said: “Stealing from a war memorial is a despicable thing to do, especially so close to Remembrance Sunday. We were shocked that anyone would denigrate the memory of those who have died to make this the free country it is today.

“Out of this disgraceful act though must come some good, so I want to know what people think we should do about the memorial when we repair it. Should it reflect modern views, as well as those of our great, great grandparents who originally raised money for the memorial to be built in 1921?”

People’s views are also wanted on whether the Council should remove the other two bronze plaques and put them in a museum for safekeeping. In this case replicas would be installed on the memorial.

The Council will not take any action until local people have had the chance to say whether the memorial should be repaired to its former state, or whether it should be changed. The authority will also work with the War Memorials Trust and the Royal British Legion to make sure all proposals are acceptable to them.

As well as taking part in the public meeting at Radnor House School, people can also send their views to the Mayor between now and Friday 2 December.  Residents can email, or write to Mayor’s Office, Richmond Council, Richmond Road, Twickenham.

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