Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Whitton Village is on the Map

As the finishing touches to the first round of the Whitton Uplift strategy are completed it was exciting to see the new Whitton Village signs go up in the High Street. With Whitton Village now back on the map, literally, these signs provide a directory of the High Street’s shop’s and services and a wayfinder to Whitton’s attractions. Have a look and I am sure that you will be surprised at the wealth of activities available within only a few minutes walk from the town centre.

Here are a couple of pictures if you haven’t yet seen them:


  1. This should read . . . .
    "The residents of Whitton after many long years fighting for government funding have been given a Map"

    That is closer to the truth and takes the political stance of things would you not agree?

    Maybe if you did something about all the empty shops you could then
    smear your political colours over
    the residents achievements.
    Would you not agree councilor??

    1. Hello Onix

      I am happy to say that with the continued investment by this Council and the relaxation of planning rules following my election the number of empty shops in the high street has significantly declined. The traders of Whitton are to be congratulated as in these austere times the trading conditions are tough.

      The Uplift strategy continues with a £10m agreement for key towns in the Borough for which Whitton remains a priority.