Saturday, 14 July 2012

Parking during the Olympics

Residents are urged to consider where they park their car during the local Olympic events this summer as access will be severely affected by the Games.
From the 24 July – 1 August there will be six Olympic events in the borough, including the Olympic torch relay, the men’s and women’s road cycle races and subsequent cycle time trials.
During the cycle events and for a period of time before and after, parking will be suspended along the whole route and for ten metres into each side road. Additional parking suspensions will be required away from the race route to accommodate emergency and other event related vehicles.
Due to the number of roads affected it is likely that hundreds of cars will be displaced, therefore drivers should consider where they will park well in advance. In addition, residents are reminded that Community Parking Zones throughout the borough will still be enforced and vehicles parked in contravention of the restrictions will be issued with a PCN.
Cllr Geoffrey Samuel, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources and Chairman of the Council’s Strategic Olympics Programme Board, said:
“We are aware that the Olympics will cause widespread disruption in the borough and we want residents to be aware of the changes to parking restrictions well in advance so that they can make preparations to park elsewhere. We don’t want to have to issue any parking tickets or remove any vehicles that are parked incorrectly but for the health and safety of both the athletes and the large number of spectators expected to attend, we do need the routes to be clear.
"If you live on the race route and have a driveway to park on but would like to use your car during event days then it is worth moving it to a nearby location without any parking restrictions as you will not be permitted to drive on the actual race route. I advise all residents to look at the details of the different Olympic events and the parking restrictions on the Council’s website and take action to move your car if necessary.
“Over the next few weeks over 1,000 signs will be placed on lamp columns around the borough, highlighting where parking restrictions will be in place – I urge residents to take note and start making any necessary arrangements.”
Parking during the torch relay will be suspended along the route of the torch on 24 July from 8am until midday.
Parking will be suspended along the cycle race route from 6.30pm on the 27 July until 8pm on the 29 July. All parking will be suspended for the Cycle Time Trial route from 6.30pm on the 30 July until 8pm on the 1 August.
Due to the large numbers of displaced vehicles, it is not possible to provide alternative parking and any vehicle left within suspended areas is likely to be towed away.
Information about the exact locations for parking suspensions can be found on the Olympics page.

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