Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cllr Elliott visits Twickenham Academy building works

Today I had the honour of visiting the building works at what will be the new impressive Twickenham Academy. The building is a fine example of what can be achieved with good partnership and from seeing the plans and the on-going work I am sure that this will be a fantastic school offering the children of today and tomorrow a wonderful space to learn in. From break out areas and university style lecture halls the children will have the chance to experience an education that will prepare them for their later lives.

The building will also bring a new landscape to Whitton and the new greenery in front of the building will add some much needed open space.

I am also happy to have learned that the Learning School’s Trust has received Ministerial approval for the development of a sixth form at the Academy. This will be the first sixth form in the Borough. I strongly believe in the development of sixth forms and am happy to hear that Twickenham Academy will be embracing this popular initiative. It will mean children from the Borough’s school’s will have a greater array of education choice when they reach 16 and above.

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