Monday, 20 August 2012

Don’t lose your right to vote

Richmond Council is reminding residents to respond to their Annual Household Registration promptly, as this process is required by law every year and enables people to retain the right to vote by being included on the updated electoral roll.

Gillian Norton, Richmond’s Registration Officer said:
“We are grateful that many residents responded quickly, but the Council has to send reminders to all 26,500 properties yet to respond. If these reminders are ignored, officers are required to visit households in person to collect up to date information about all current occupants. It would be shame to incur these extra costs when just one person can quickly complete the registration on behalf of their entire household.“

“Where there have been no changes to the details listed on the form, it is easy to remain registered by using our internet, freephone, or text renewal services. For households who have changes to make, such as names to add or remove, or spellings to correct, it’s simple to complete and return the form”

If households do not respond then all residents would be deleted from the electoral roll so could not vote in any upcoming Elections or Referenda.

All homes receive a compulsory form each autumn with details of the residents currently registered to vote on the Register of Electors, also known as the Electoral Roll. By UK law they must respond to remain registered, and advise of any change of residents’ details.
For more information call the Council on 020 8891 7775 or visit

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