Thursday, 14 February 2013

Congratulations to St Edmund's Children who raised money for CAFOD

A big congratulations goes to two St Edmunds students, Maggy, 10 and Maya 9, who have raised money for CAFOD. Inspired by stories from CAFOD who work to make a difference to people around the world living in poverty the two girls conducted a raffle. At 20p a ticket with six prizes Maggy and Maya raised £20 for all the people in need. Well done.

Maggy and Maya said: “We’ve raised £20 for all the people in need, by doing a raffle for the people in our class and all the teachers we had six prizes and the cost of one ticket was 20 pence. We made sixty all by hand and with our own design. We hope this money can make a difference to people in need.”

“The girls’ commitment is inspiring,” said Susie Steyn, of CAFOD’s fundraising team. “It really does make a huge difference: £20 is enough to buy soap, buckets and water purification tablets for 4 families in Zimbabwe – vital supplies that can improve their health and change their lives hugely. We love our young fundraisers; they do so much for CAFOD.

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