Monday, 15 July 2013

Whitton High Street will be ‘bloomin’ marvellous

Whitton High Street is set to embrace a new ‘boulevard’ feel when 20 new trees are planted along the highway.

Over the past few months, work has begun on a £1.5m highways scheme which is seeing improvements to pavements and forecourts, resurfacing of the carriageway, new, and reduced numbers, of street furniture and signage.

As part of this work, the Council has reviewed the current trees on the high street and found that a number of them are unsuitable in this location. Over the next weeks and months the trees will be removed and replaced with new trees that are more appropriate for a high street location. The new trees will have an ornamental flowering pear with white flowers in the spring, turning an orange/red and yellow colour in the autumn.

The work is part of the Council’s ongoing Uplift project, which aims to rejuvenate the Whitton, Hampton North, Barnes, Mortlake and Ham area of the boroughs.

Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Virginia Morris, said:

“We are spending a large amount of money bringing life back into Whitton High Street. The pavements have now been prepared for the York Stone, 16 shops have received façade improvements, and we are reviewing the street furniture.

“Added to all this, is the work which was carried out last year, including additional shop front improvements and new lamp columns. These new trees will be the icing on the cake. Many people like the idea of strolling down a tree lined promenade, surrounded by busy shops and cafes. This is our vision for Whitton.

“As well as improving the town centre's appearance, these new trees will also play a role in our ongoing efforts to tackle pollution and bring cleaner air to the high street.

“So whilst some residents might be alarmed when they see the trees being removed, do not fear – they will be replaced. When complete and the trees are in bloom, I am sure that residents will agree that these trees are really beautiful and will help make Whitton a destination of choice for residents all over the borough.”

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