Monday, 9 September 2013

Consultation - Proposed Play Space off Whitton High Street

Richmond Council and Richmond Churches Trust are proposing a joint project to provide a toddler's play space with seating in an area off Whitton High Street towards Cyprus Avenue. The space, associated with Palgrave House and Fourways House, is under the management of Richmond Churches Trust.
It is accessed through an archway under Fourways House at the north end of the High Street on the east side. The footway connects the High Street to Cypress Avenue.
Richmond Churches Trust have been keen for a number of years to revert the location back to a play space after it fell into disrepair but due to lack of funding were unable to get the project off the ground. With match funding from the Councils Uplift Programme a new toddler play area is now a possibility if supported during consultation.
There is currently no play space in Whitton Town Centre with nearest spaces, Murray Park and Heathfield Recreation Park, a substantial walk away so this would provide a new local facility for children, residents and visitors to the area.
The proposed play space would include:
  • Roundabout compliant with Disability Discrimination Act requirements
  • Double toddler swing
  • 2 Rockers
  • Low side platform with slide suitable for children aged 1 and above
  • Higher slide for children aged 3 and above
  • Trim Trial – stepping logs to hop along
  • Wooden finger maze
  • Wetpour graphics – hopscotch/snakes and ladders
  • Hard and soft landscaping improvements to the alley way and grass area

The upgrading would greatly enhance and transform this under used space and compliment the Whitton Public Realm and High Street improvements currently underway.
If the proposal is supported the Council and Richmond Churches Trust would go out to tender for the play equipment to ensure value for money, with the aim to install the toddler play area over winter.
We are keen to hear your views and invite you to take part in this consultation by completing the questionnaire at the link below by 27th September @ 5pm when the consultation closes. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on or 0845 6122660.
Start date: 6 September 2013
End date: 29 September 2013