Thursday, 31 October 2013

New Homes for Whitton

In partnership with RHP the Conservative Council has provided, not just affordable housing, but new homes with bill busting, environmentally friendly, solar panelling  The development was made possible with funding from the Council’s housing capital program and the Greater London Authority.

The new homes, situated off Hanworth Road, are a mix of three and four bedroom houses. But the story doesn't stop there, after the proven success of the project the Council will continue to work with RHP to provide families with modern homes at reasonable prices.

Whitton Conservative Councillor Candidate, Grant Healy said: "Other parties may talk about affordable housing and claim they are champions of green issues. But the Conservatives act. And in doing so provide common sense solutions that cost families less not more".  

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Cllr Elliott gets on his bike in aid of Charity

On Friday 27th September Whitton Councillor, Gareth Elliott, literally got on his bike to help local cycling store Action Bikes raise money for the Bikes for Africa Charity. The event, an outdoor cinema club where the film is actually powered from bikes hooked up to the screen proved a great success. 

Located at St Philip and St James' Church on Hounslow Road local people flocked to see an outdoor screening of the classic, the Blues Brothers. Luckily, audience members were able to watch the show uninterrupted as Cllr Elliott and members of the audience kept the energy flowing as they cycled their way through the show.

Cllr Elliott said: “Action Bike’s is doing great work for charity in a way that is social and gets people active. While I must admit that it is not quite the most relaxing way to watch a movie it was great fun and a great use of the open space at the local church. Let’s hope the event raised lots of money for Bikes for Africa.”