Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Murray Park and Chase Green Review 2014: Have your say

As part of the Conservative Council’s ongoing commitment to improve the borough’s parks and open spaces, Richmond Council is asking residents how they would like to see two open spaces in Whitton improved.

To ensure all Council parks and open spaces are of the highest quality and suitable for as many people as possible, over the next few weeks residents who live in the area, and visitors, are invited to have their say on how they think Murray Park in Kneller Road and Chase Green between Redway Drive and Godfrey Avenue can be improved. 

Richmond Council knows how important parks are to our residents - a fact that is proven in the latest Parks Customer Satisfaction Survey. This shows 89 per cent of respondents feel the Council’s management of parks is ‘excellent’, ‘good’, or ‘satisfactory’. Significantly, 91% said they felt safe in Council managed parks. 

Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Pamela Fleming, said:

“Richmond Council is a listening Council and we know how important parks are to our residents. Through extensive consultations such as the All in One Survey, residents stated that parks and green spaces were their top priority and this is precisely why we continue to invest millions of pounds into our parks and open spaces through the Parks Improvement Programme.

“The Council would like as many people as possible to let us know how they would like to see Murray Park and Chase Green improved. The more responses we receive the better placed we will be to ensure these areas continue to meet local needs. Richmond is the most beautiful borough in the capital and we will make sure this proud tradition continues for years to come.”

Whitton Conservative Councillor, Gareth Elliott, said:

"Murray Park is a gem within Whitton yet it needs some TLC. Now is the time to get your views across to Richmond Council to ensure that Murray Park becomes the open space we can be proud of."

There are a number of ways you can provide comments for both areas:


·        You can speak to representatives from the Children’s Play Advisory Service who are experts in helping the Council with place space development and improvement. They will be in Murray Park on Saturday, February 1, from 11am to Midday. Children will have the opportunity to be consulted by being interviewed if accompanied by a parent or carer. 


·        On the same the Advisory Service will later be in Chase Green from 1pm to 2pm for local residents and children to discuss improvements to the green.

The deadline for both consultations closes on February 23. 

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