Thursday, 3 April 2014

Baroness Kramer – Whitton Station – Still No Response

It was very interesting and encouraging to see Baroness Kramer taking her role as Minister of State for Transport with special responsibility for stations seriously as she visited Waterloo Station. Announcing £300m of investment at Waterloo to transform the passenger experience will undoubtedly benefit many Whitton residents who regularly use Waterloo daily. It was also interesting to hear that there are also plans to bring Waterloo International Terminal back into full use, nearly seven years after the last Eurostar trains transferred to St Pancras.

The problem for Whitton is that we have yet to receive a response to our open letter to the Minster about any proposals for Whitton Station. This critical transport hub is vital to Whitton residents who rely on it to get to work and for general travel yet in its present form it is completely inaccessible to residents who are elderly, with young children or disabled. With the World Cup coming to Twickenham in 2015 and Twickenham Station being updated it is the perfect opportunity to look at Whitton Station and how it might be upgraded. We hope that Baroness Kramer will take our letter seriously and, as Minister with responsibility for stations, respond with concrete proposals to enhance the passenger experience at Whitton while opening it up to ALL Whitton residents.

To read the announcement regarding investment at Waterloo click here.

To read our open letter to Baroness Kramer regarding Whitton Station click here.

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