Monday, 12 May 2014

Lib Dems Expose True Colours About Whitton

The Liberal Democrat Joint Deputy Leader, Cllr David Williams, has stated loud and clear his and his party's disregard for Whitton and its fate should they regain control of the Council on May 22nd. Attacking the regeneration investment in the town under the Conservatives in a recent Richmond and Twickenham Times article he states that the money could have been better spent on wonky railings in Richmond.

Pre 2010 Whitton, administered under the Liberal Democrats, was considered the forgotten town of the borough with empty shops, derelict buildings and a glut of charity shops. And yet here we are before the local elections in May 2014 with Cllr Williams stating that the investment that has transformed Whitton shouldn't have been spent here at all. 

Where the Conservatives aspire to create an environment to attract investment and create a desirable shopping area for all residents in Whitton, using materials such as York Stone paving that are commonplace in Richmond, the Liberal Democrats believe we are simply not good enough for this kind of quality. 

This is simply a shocking way to treat Whitton and its residents. 

Whilst the Liberal Democrats were in power they termed Whitton and Heathfield as areas of deprivation. Nobody would suggest Whitton is a deprived area and on getting into power Cllr Gareth Elliott and the Conservatives sought immediately to overturn this negativity that the Liberal Democrats so freely piled onto Whitton. 

Today we have a thriving town with a distinct village community feel and atmosphere. We believe in a town of aspiration that sits alongside the likes of Twickenham and Richmond – in complete contrast to the Liberal Democrats who seem to revel in beating Whitton back down.

The choice is clear – stick with the Conservatives who transformed and regenerated Whitton or hand it back to the Liberals who will run it down in favour of other areas of the Borough.

You can read Cllr Williams' comments in the Richmond and Twickenham Times here.

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