Friday, 16 May 2014

Local Conservatives - Supporting Our High Streets And Small Businesses

  1. Established a Town Centre Opportunities with funding for every High Street Business & Retail Association and contributions for Christmas lights and events.
  2. Established a Business & Retail Alliance where representatives from all the shopping areas meet bi-monthly and exchange ideas and appointed a Business & Retail Champion
  3. 30 minutes free parking and opportunities for businesses to offer discounts through the Richmond Card
  4. Set up a Social Enterprise Partnership and Introduced Richmond’s Den to promote Social Enterprise
  5. Introduced grants for Pop up Shops & Shop Fronts
  6. Provided Energy assessments to reduce costs
  7. Developed the Borough’s first Business Improvement District in Twickenham
  8. Formed a partnership with Haymarket & Harlequins RFC for a new Enterprise & Education campus to create jobs and train young people in skills of the future
  9. Extended the Visit Richmond Partnership to boost tourism
  10. Established a Key Employers’ Group
  1. Make High Streets more inviting for older people and the less mobile
  2. Work with local Business Associations and residents on forming Town Teams to shape a vision for their high streets
  3. Protect employment space and use all means possible to stop betting shops and estate agents taking over our high streets
  4. Review the scope for extending the 30 minutes free parking
  5. Support a  Business Improvement District in Richmond
  6. Encourage and support more businesses to grow and expand through exporting
  7. Help young people to start work for themselves, support the self-employed and start ups
  8. Cut  bureaucracy and aid procurement for those with micro-business ideas
  9. Sustain a Partnership for Business and work to attract more high tech businesses
  10. Launch and champion a “Take One Apprenticeship” scheme with employers across the borough

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