Friday, 25 July 2014

Conservative Council committed to keeping Council Tax levels down

Prudent financial management has enabled the Council to deliver an extensive capital programme, including sixth forms and increased school places across all phases of education, plus the transformation of Whitton Town Centre. The continuing focus on efficiency will help to keep council tax levels down, after Richmond Council pledged to use savings to minimise any possible future increases.


The Council is already committed to freezing Council Tax in 2015. To keep increases as low as possible in future years, the Council will use the first £1m (plus 25% of anything above that level) of any savings it makes during a financial year, to help keep the following year’s Council Tax down.


Richmond Council Cabinet Member, Cllr Fleming, said:


“Richmond Council is completely committed to keeping Council Tax levels down. This latest pledge is another clear example of how the Council aims to achieve this for its residents in future years. Whether through reducing the Council’s expenditure – or by other means, delivering outstanding services at the lowest possible cost which represent best value for money for our residents is at the heart of what we do.”

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