Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lights Out for World War One

Public buildings and homes will be plunged into darkness when the lights go out inRichmond to commemorate the Centenary and outbreak of World War One. 

Everyone in the UK is invited to take part in the Lights Out campaign by turning off their lights from 10pm to 11pm on Monday, August 4. Those who take part are invited to leave a single light or candle for a shared moment of reflection on the 100 year anniversary of the First World War.

Lights Out was created by the Government’s Department of Culture. It marks the start of Richmond Council’s own official commemorations that will take place over the next four years – to mark the length of World War One.

Richmond Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Cllr Bond, said: 

“Lights Out is a major national event that will honour and remember those who gave their lives during the First World War. In Richmond the Council has developed a detailed programme of remembrance for the next four years. Lights Out is a perfect way in which to mark the beginning of our own commemorations in Richmond.” 

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