Monday, 19 January 2015

Half a million pounds for the road and pavement repairs – picked by you!

Almost half a million pounds is available in this year’s Community Roads and Pavements Fund to repair streets and footpaths nominated by residents of the borough.


In the All in One survey, residents said that the condition of pavements and footpaths was one of their top concerns. In response, the Council has once again set aside £490,000 to pay specifically for community nominated improvements. The fourth round of funding opens on 12 January for residents to say which roads and pavements they feel are in need of extra work. This is in addition to the regular maintenance and renewal work carried out by the Council on an ongoing basis.


Last year, thanks to the Community Roads and Pavement Fund, 19 roads and 31 pavements were repaired. That is in addition to the 16 roads and 30 pavements repairs that were carried out as part of the Council's regular maintenance programme. 


This year, a new helpful photo guide is available online to help residents understand the types of ‘fixes’ the community fund can address. This could include gully repairs, pavement cracks, tree root damage to pavements and small pot holes.  The community fund focuses on smaller ‘fixes’, rather than large full road repairs.


Cllr Stephen Speak, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

"We know that residents want to see more done to repair the roads and pavements that are used day-in, day-out, and so that is what we are doing.


"The Community Roads and Pavement Fund gives residents that all important say in determining the spending priorities.  This fourth round of funding brings us to a total of nearly £3.15m to repair the borough’s roads each year, tackling one of the most pressing problems."


If you know a footpath or road that needs to be repaired, complete the nomination form or pick up a form at your local library. The fund ‘opens’ for nominations on the 12th January. The deadline 22nd  February 2015.

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