Friday, 13 February 2015

Last Chance to Nominate a Road or Pavement for the Council to Repair - 22nd Feb

The February 22nd deadline has almost arrived for residents to nominate for repairs a street or pavement for this year’s Community Roads and Pavement fund.

Once again the Council is spending nearly £3m on its repairs programme. But £490k is set aside for residents to direct towards specific roads and pavements across Richmond’s 14 villages that need improving. This is £35k per village – enough for minor repair works.

All you need to do is nominate a road or pavement in your local community which you would like to see improved. The more nominations a road or pavement gets, the more likely it is to be approved so encourage your neighbours to get involved.  Each person must complete their own nomination form.
In the All in One Survey, residents said that the condition of pavements and footpaths was one of their top concerns. So far 900 residents have nominated roads and pavements across Richmond.

Last year, thanks to the Community Roads and Pavement Fund, 19 roads and 31 pavements were repaired. That’s in addition to the 16 roads and 30 pavements that were repaired as part of the Council’s regular maintenance programme. 

Richmond Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Stephen Speak, said:
“The Community Roads and Pavements Fund is a great example of how local residents shape the work of Richmond Council.

“The improvements that come about through this scheme are on top of our statutory duties and, by going that little bit further, Richmond will continue to be a beautiful borough.”

If you know a footpath or road that needs to be improved, complete a nomination form by emailing or pick up a form at your local library. The deadline is Sunday, February 22.

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