Monday, 20 April 2015

Turing House Secondary School Statement

Cllrs Gareth Elliott and Grant Healy respond to recent reports that the Turing House secondary school may be built on a site in Whitton:
Recent reports suggest that the Turing House secondary school may be built on a site in WhittonWhile the addition of a new school providing more parent choice and high quality education should be applauded we are very concerned that the proposals as they stand actively discriminate against residents from Whitton. 

Turing House School’s admissions policy is currently set at 80/20, in favour of Teddington. If the school was sited in Whitton this would be grossly unfair; and it should accept  far more students from Whitton than the existing limited number. An admissions policy that actively discourages local admission will bring traffic congestion to an already overly congested area with limited public transport. The area in question, on Hospital Bridge Road, is also within close proximity of Twickenham Academy, Nelson School, Bishop Perrin and St Edmunds.
While the decision on the School’s actual site has not yet been made, we believe that the site in Whitton is a contender. If it is chosen as the site, the admissions policy as it stands must be changed or we will be unable to support the siting of Turing House in Whitton.
We have requested an urgent meeting with the principal of Turing House and are in regular discussion with Council Officials and the Cabinet Member for Schools to ensure that the voice of Whitton residents is heard.

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