Friday, 28 October 2016

Helping Neighbourhood Watch groups protect communities from Autumn crime

Local members of Neighbourhood Watch groups are invited to attend events offering practical advice around tackling crime and making their community safer this Autumn.

Next month, Richmond Police and the Safer Neighbourhood Board are hosting autumn ‘Knowledge Night’ events for members of Neighbourhood Watch groups across the borough. 

Neighbourhood Watch is a way for communities to help themselves to stay safe. Groups of local volunteers work in partnership with the police and their local council to distribute safety advice, help make sure elderly and vulnerable residents aren't targets for criminals, gather information to help police tackle local problems and alert residents when there’s a particular crime problem in an area.

There are currently two hundred Neighbourhood Watch groups across the borough with hundreds of participants.

On the 3rd and 17th November, two ‘Knowledge Night’ events will be held to give attendees both practical advice around tackling crime and making communities and Neighbourhood Watch areas safer, but also to give an update on what the local police are doing this Autumn and Winter.

Topics covered at each event include:

1.    Moped Enabled Crime – the problem and the police response
2.    Autumn Nights (a crime-free run-up to Christmas)
3.    A Scam Demonstration
4.    Fly-tipping: what you can do

Cllr Stephen Speak, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said:

“Neighbourhood Watch plays a vital role in many parts of the borough with hard working coordinators making a great effort to reach deep into our communities. Together with the Council and the local police, we all work closely to help prevent crime and reassure and advise residents.

“Members keep an eye on their local area and can let elderly people know what is going on and pass on important advice about crime prevention from police or even about road works and events taking place.  It’s good for the community but importantly the intelligence that groups feed back to the police does help to reduce crime and catch offenders.

“As the darker Autumn evenings creep in we do typically see a spike in crime across the borough. Therefore, these two information evenings aim to provide local Neighbourhood Watch members with information on some ‘top issues’. It is also an opportunity to ask the Police any questions about local concerns.

“I would encourage as many neighbourhood watch members as possible to attend, but the events are open to anyone.”

T/Chief Inspector Karen Duckworth, from Richmond Police, added:

“These events follow on from the successful events held in April. It is an opportunity to invite Neighbourhood Watch members to engage with police by not only having a better understanding of the challenges facing us all in keeping Richmond’s communities safe, but also to be part of the solution through greater insight and engagement”.

The events are between 7pm – 9pm on:

Thursday 3rd November  – The Salon Room, York House, Twickenham
Thursday 17th November  – Barnes Methodist Church, Station Road, SW13 ONH

To RSVP to attend, please email:

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