Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Twickenham School – Already Turning The Corner

We owe it to our young people to provide them with excellent schools, and Twickenham School has always been an important part of our community.

It cannot be denied, the local Liberal Democrats made a poor decision in 2009/10 to give both Twickenham Academy and Hampton Academy to Kunskapskollen. They were unproven in the UK, and local families were left with no choice.

The current Conservative administration’s support of free schools enabled two new secondary schools locally. We could have concluded that was all we could do.

But we are as committed to Twickenham School becoming outstanding as we are to any other of our local schools. So, our administration enabled the transition of the school to the new Richmond Schools West Trust, led by Waldegrave and Teddington (Waldegrave was recently named the UK’s comprehensive school of the year). Improvement starts with excellent leadership.

It is important to set expectations. Getting to outstanding cannot happen overnight. But already, the Department for Education has formally recognised fundamental improvements following a monitoring visit. This is fantastic news, and is an endorsement of the new leadership.

Cllr Grant Healy welcomed the news, “With strong new foundations, and with the expertise and experience of the other schools it is now partnered with, as well as the continued support of the Conservative Council, Twickenham academy has all the ingredients needed to achieve its full potential and that of its pupils."

Whitton Conservatives will continue to support the school and the new leadership on its path to outstanding.

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