Friday, 3 March 2017

Whitton Pavements in Need of Repair - Nominate for the Community Repair Fund

It's that time again when the Conservative led Council has made an additional £500k (£35k per Village) available in 2017/18 specifically to pay for community nominated improvements.

Whitton has already benefited from this scheme but that doesn't mean we can't nominate additional pavements in this new round. If you feel a pavement is need of a repair nominate that road using the links below and ensure that you get your neighbours to do as well. The more people in a road that nominate the stronger the nomination.

This round of funding is now open for residents to nominate pavements they feel are in need of extra work, in the area where they live.

Funding will be directed to pavements that receive the most nominations and fulfil the greatest community need.
The Ridge, Whitton

In the last round of nomination in 2016 over 1,300 people took part and many neighbours joined forces to suggest repairs in their local area. This funding is additional to the annual pavement repair fund delivered by the Council.

If you know a pavement that needs to be repaired, complete the nomination form now at: or pick up a form at Whitton Library or the Civic Centre.

Deadline for nominations is 31st March 2017.

Whitton Roads that were successful in 2016

  • The Ridge
  • Willowdene Close
Whitton Roads that were successful in 2015
  • Bridge Way
  • Hall Farm Drive

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