Thursday, 28 September 2017

UPDATE: Whitton Street Cleaning

Commenting on the ongoing street cleaning in Whitton High Street Cllrs Gareth Elliott and Grant Healy would like to update residents with the following:

"We are both very happy that the Council has undertaken to give our High Street a deep clean following calls from residents that the new York Stone paving has lost some of its shine.

This request was accepted and announced following a question from Cllr Healy at the last full Council meeting in September. 

The process is now ongoing but following a close inspection by both Cllrs Elliott and Healy, it was clear that the machines and processes being used were not adequate to the job. As a result, both requested the clean to be re-done and to look at new equipment that would be better able to finish the deep clean as expected.

Cllr's Elliott and Healy are happy to say that this request was accepted and agreed and new equipment will be brought over from Wandsworth to finalise and complete the deep clean in Whitton.

As this is the first cleaning of the new York Stone it was a new process for Richmond Council and lessons have been learned for which will make future cleaning easier and more effective.

Cllrs Elliott and Healy are proud that Whitton has one of the best high streets in Richmond and we want to keep it that way."

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