Monday, 5 March 2018

ACTION ON FLYTIPPING: Clear up at 310 Nelson Road

Your Local Conservatives in both Whitton and Heathfield wards have worked together to force the clean-up of the unsightly and potentially unsafe site at 310 Nelson Road since early December. Following strong pressure from Conservative Councillors, the site has now been cleared of waste.

The site before the clean up
This site has become a blot on the landscape following the departure of Threshers many years ago. Developers have failed to finish building on the site, using loopholes in the planning system to leave it empty and derelict. The result being that the site has become a magnet for illegal fly-typing. 

The Conservative run Council issued an 'S215 Untidy Land Notice' Order to the developer, ordering the rubbish to be cleared and the site made safe. Within a couple of days, this was complied with.

Cllrs Grant Healy, Gareth Elliott and
Candidate Sophie Lister inspecting
the site
Your local team will continue to monitor the activities on the site to ensure that should there be a reoccurrence the swiftest action will be taken. We will be putting pressure on the developer SEP to complete the building works as soon as possible.

We will also support the Council in lobbying the Government to increase its power to force builders and developers to complete projects more speedily rather than just sit on sites. There are already encouraging signs that the Government will bring in measures soon to stop so-called land-banking.

Cllr Grant Healy, Whitton Conservative Councillor, said:

“From first highlighting the escalation of flytipping to the appropriate Council department in early December to reporting the collapse of the barriers in front of the site on 3rd February I have been impressed by the Council’s response (the fence was re-erected the same day as I reported the dangerous incident) to this issue, which is of great local concern."

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