Friday, 27 April 2018

Building A Truly Digital Council Using Data And Digital Technology To Enhance Local Services

Part Of Our Local Conservatives’ Commitment to Harnessing New Technologies For Our Residents

A truly digital Council has the potential to transform local services which is why Richmond Borough Conservative will prioritise these exciting technologies as part of its ambitious plans for Richmond. This does not mean leaving people behind as we will ensure that all residents are able to access and communicate with the Council but it means utilising new technology where it enhances services.

Digital technology offers the ability for more mobile working allowing, for example, social workers to spend more time with patients, voice technology where the elderly or disabled can call out for help rather than having to get to a physical cord, council buildings being repurposed where data centres can be converted to cloud technology, or mobile applications to provide help and assistance. In addition, better understanding and use of data can drive down the cost of public services and allow better analysis of how and where to spend money efficiently.

Gareth Elliott, Whitton Ward Councillor and Cabinet Member for Digital and Technology, said:

"Digital technology offers exciting opportunities to transform council services, better understand and prioritise spending and investment, and the opportunity to make collaborating and engaging with the council easier and more entwined with residents expectations in a modern world.

“Only the Conservatives have prioritised this key area. It is our belief that to ensure a council that is fit for the future and understands and engages with its residents we need to be at the forefront of the digital revolution building a truly digital Richmond."

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